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Blogging Tips October 9th, 2007

I was telling someone about the Top Builder Blog service the other day and the question came up. What is a Blog? Many of us techies forget sometimes that some of the online lingo has not reached everyone in the Real Estate and Construction Industry.

Essentially, a blog is a journal or log that is displayed and available on the web…Web Log.. shortened to BLOG. Get more information about blogs by visiting the listing at Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia. CLICK HERE to read more about the history and meaning of the word BLOG.

How can that apply to builders and developers? Many home building and new project development websites are already featuring News and Press Releases on the site. In many cases, these features on the web site are not being found and indexed on the web. This is great content. It could and should be of interest to those looking to buy a new home in the price ranges and locations the builder has to offer. A blog is a great way to get this information out there on the web so that people looking and doing their research for this info can find it.

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