Carol Flammer, chief blogger and moderatorTop Builder Blogs founders Carol Flammer, MIRM and Mitch Levinson, MIRM are offering an Agent Direct Webinar on April 9, 2008 at 1 p.m. Learn the answer to the number one question that homebuilders ask us, “Who will manage the blog?” As well as many others.

Homebuilders, developers and agents will benefit from the increased Search Engine Optimization blogs create for their websites. Blogs increase referral traffic and organic SEO by providing fresh content on a regular basis.

Mitch Levinson, Internet Marketing, CRM, SEOInternet Marketing expert Mitch Levinson and Social Media expert Carol Flammer explain how to set up a blog and get started. Everything from where to host your blog, to who should moderate or manage the blog will be discussed. Learn how blogging can help you gain and maintain a competitive advantage.

What you will learn:
• What is a blog?
• How can blogging help my company?
• Should I blog on my site or someone else’s?
• What about comments?
• How does blogging increase website traffic?
• Can I build my own site?

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