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Three Reasons Homebuilders Should have a Blog

Blogging Tips April 15th, 2008

Homebuilders and developers – are you seeking ways to increase traffic to your website? If not, read no further! If so, here are three reasons you should have a blog.

1. Increased traffic to your website due to the SEO (search engine optimization) created by blogging. Increased traffic will come due to higher search engine results as well as a trickle of referred, highly targeted traffic from the blogs. Your main website can then concentrate on turning visitors into homebuyers.

2. More of your main website’s pages will appear in search results because blog posts will link to secondary pages within your website.

3. Reputation Management – You can put out fires fast. Not only can you “drown out” negative vibes in the cybersphere, you can constructively address potential customers’ concerns, maybe even put a positive spin on potential liabilities by showing a “real” human face away from the corporate web site.

If you find this inspiring, contact us and let’s work together to put the Internet to work for you. We teach classes on social media for home builders as well as blogging for builders and more.

Advocates for Children Launches Top Builder Blog

General Info April 5th, 2008

Advocates for Children BlogTop Builder Blogs focuses on building blogs for real estate related companies; however, on occasion we just like to do something nice for the community. We recently built a blog for Advocates for Children a group that assists children in Northwest Georgia. Read more about this group and their upcoming Duck Derby on their new blog.

The Flammer Relations Social Media team (Led by Social Media Manager Laura Everett and Account Manager Amanda Winters) provided blog training to the Advocates for Children staff. They embraced social media and are enjoying the increased traffic to their web site.

For more information on real estate blogging and social media optimization, contact us at

Internet Marketing Defined

General Info April 2nd, 2008

Online definitions for common Blog Terms:

Blog: short for Web log, an online journal.

Dashboard: the administration area of your blog that facilitates posting, moderating comments, uploading files and much more.

RSS: Really Simple Syndication, an easy way to distribute your blog news via email or Internet sties.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization, what you do to attract the search engines to your site that ranks it high in SERP results

SERP: Search Engine Results Placement, where you rank in the organic search results when you Google a phrase like, “top builder blogs.”

We will continue to add to these over time.

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