Blogs are a great way to build traffic to your website, provide fresh content and improve SEO. Home builder blogs are a great platform for announcing new communities, advertising inventory, offering special incentives, highlighting the latest trends and talking about the areas where you build. We’ve created this directory that lists almost 400 builder blogs from across the nation, so that you can see how builders are using their blogs as part of their marketing strategy.

1 Utah Homes Blog
1010 Midtown Blog*
Acadia Homes Blog
Adams Homes Blog
Ameri Built Homes Blog
American West Development Blog
Antonelli Construction Blog
Appalachian Log Structures Blog
Arbor Custom Homes Blog
Avalon Building Systems Blog
Avalon Log Homes Blog
Avent Builders Blog
Barry Swenson Builders Blog
Belman Homes Blog
Belmonte Builders Blog

Bentley Homes Blog
Bill Beazley Homes Blog
Bill Clark Homes Blog
Birchwood Park Homes Blog
Black Point Builders Blog
Blank & Baker Construction Blog
Blu Homes Blog
Blue Bear Homes Blog
Bonterra Builders Blog
Boone Homes Blog*
Brady Homes Blog
Breeden Homes Blog
Brock Builders Blog
Brock Built Blog*
Brookfield Homes Blog
Buffington Homebuilding Group Blog
C&E Wurzer Builders Blog
C&H Construction Blog
C&M Builders Blog
Cardinal Construction Blog*
Campbell Homes Blog
Capital Home Builders Blog
Carroll Brothers Construction Blog
Castle Homes Blog
Castle & Cooke Blog
Castleton Homes Blog
Capstone Homes Blog
Caviness and Cates Communities Blog
Cayuga County Homes Blog
CBH Homes Blog
Centerline Homes Blog
Charles Thomas Homes Blog
Charter Homes and Neighborhoods Blog
Chase Custom Homes Blog
Cheldan Homes Blog
Chesapeake Homes Blog
Circle 75 Blog
Clarum Homes Blog
Classic Homes Blog
Classic Urban Homes Blog
CMS Homes Blog
Collins Design/Build Blog
Consort Homes Blog
Cornerstone Builders Blog
Covenant Custom Homes Blog
Craftmark Group Blog
Craftmaster Homes Blog
Craig Fairbanks Homes Blog
CreekStone Homes Blog
Crestline Homes Blog
Cristo Homes Blog
Crown Communities Illinois Blog
Crystal Springs Builders Blog
CTBest Blog*
Dan Ryan Builders Blog
David James Homes Blog
Davidson Realty, Inc. Blog
DeNove Homes Blog
Desert View Homes Blog
Devonshire Homes Blog
Dillard Jones Builders Blog
DJK Custom Homes Blog
Dorn Homes Blog
Dreambuilder Custom Homes Blog
DSLD Homes Blog
E. Miles Custom Builder Blog
Eagle Construction of Virginia Blog
Eastwood Homes Blog
Echeleon Custom Blog
Edge Homes Blog
Ence Homes Blog
Epic Realty Blog
Essex Homes Blog
Estes Builders Blog
Estes Custom Builders Blog
Excel Builders Blog
Excel Homes Blog
Excelsior Homes Blog
EYA Blog
FieldStone Homes Blog
Fine Line Homes Blog
First Texas Homes Blog
Fischer Frichtel Blog
ForeverHome Blog
Frank Batson Homes Blog
French Brothers Blog
FS Builders Blog
Fulton Homes Blog
G.L. Homes of Florida Holding Corp. Blog
Gabriel Builders Blog
Garrette Custom Homes Blog
Gerstad Builders Blog*
Geordan Communities Blog
Georgetown Development Corporation Blog
GJ Gardner Blog
Goodall Homes Blog
Grand Homes Blog
Grant & Co Blog
Grayhawk Homes, Inc. Blog
Greenstone Homes Blog
H2 Builders Blog
H & H Homes Blog
Harkins Builders Blog
Harmony Homes Blog
Harris Doyle Homes Blog*
Harth Blog
Haury & Smith Contractors Blog
Heartland Homes Blog
Hensley Custom Building Group Blog
Heritage Building Group Blog
Heritage Homes Blog
Heron Bay Blog
Hibbard Construction Blog
Hibbs Homes Blog
Highland Holdings Blog
Highland Homes Blog*
Highlight Homes Blog
History Maker Homes Blog
Home Creations Blog
Hulls Construction Blog
Hunter Homes Blog
ICI Homes Blog
Ideal Homes Blog
Independence Station Blog
Ivey Homes Blog
Ivory Homes Blog
J. Thomas Homes Blog
Jeff Benton Homes Blog
Jeff Click Homes Blog
Jim Chapman Communities Blog*
Jimmy Jacobs Blog
Joan Heaton Architects Blog
John Mourier Construction Blog
John Spain Builders Blog
John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods Blog
JTS Communities Blog
KEBO Construction Blog
Kehl Brothers Homes Blog
Key Land Homes Blog
Keystone Group Blog
Keystone Homes Blog
Keystone Homes North Carolina Blog
Kingdom Builders Blog
Kliethermes Blog
Knight West Homes Blog
Kogan Builders Blog
L.R. Hill Custom Builders Blog
Lakeland Log Homes Blog
Lanon Homes Blog
Lee Michael Homes Blog
Legend Homes Blog
Lennar Corp Blog
LGI Homes Blog
Lifestyle Builders Blog
LifeStyle Homes Blog
Lowder New Homes Blog
Lowell Blog
Maas Construction Blog
Magruder Homes Blog
Main Street Homes Blog
Manuel Builders Blog
Mark Johnson Custom Homes Blog
Marnella Homes Blog
Maronda Homes Blog
McArthur Homes Blog
McCaffrey Homes Blog
McCall Homes Blog
McFall Builders Blog
McGuinn Homes Blog
McKee Builders Blog
Mega Homes Blog
Method Homes Blog
Mid-Atlantic Builders Blog
Mike Schaap Builders Blog
MJC Companies Blog
Monte Hewett Blog
Napolitano Homes Blog
Natale Builders Blog
NIH Homes Blog
Nilson Homes Blog
Norris Homes Blog
North Florida Builders Blog
Oakwood Homes Blog
Oliver Homes Builder Blog
Olympia Homes Blog
Paquin Design/Build Blog
Paradigm Building Group Blog
Paragon Homes Blog
Paragon Remodeling Blog
Pardee Homes Blog
Partners in Building Blog
Paul Allen Green Built Homes Blog
Peachtree Residential Properties Blog*
Piedmont Residential Blog
Precision Craft Blog
Prieb Homes Blog
Providence Homes Blog
Rausch Coleman Homes Blog
Red Door Homes Blog
REEF Builder Blog
Reliant Homes Blog
Richardson Homes Blog
Risher Martin Fine Homes Blog
Rocklyn Homes Blog
Rodrock Homes Blog
Ross Bridge Blog
S&A Homes Blog*
Sabal Homes Blog
SAGA Construction Blog
Sanctuary Homes Blog
Saddletree Homes Blog
Sagent Homes Blog
Schell Brothers Blog
Schaffer Family Homes Blog
Schaffner Fine Homes Blog
Schiavi Home Builders Blog
Schroetlin Custom Homes Blog
Schultz Homes Blog
Schumaker Homes Blog
Schuyler Homes Blog
Sea Island Builders Blog
SEDA New Homes Blog
Sego Homes Blog
Selle Valley Construction Blog
Sharp Residential Blog*
Shaw Homes Blog
Shea Homes Blog
Signature Homes Blog
Simmons Homes Blog
Southern Crafted Homes Blog
Southern Homes Florida Blog
Southwest Homes Blog
Spinell Homes, Inc. Blog
Stanley Martin Homes Blog
Stebnitz Builders Blog
Sterling Custom Homes Blog*
Steuart Kret Blog
Streetman Homes Blog
Steve Bennett Builders Blog
Stone Creek Builders Blog
Stonecrest Homes Blog*
Stonewood Blog
Strong Rock Homes Blog
Sullivan & Forbes Blog
SummerHill Homes Blog
Sun Forrest Construction Blog
Sunwood Homes Blog
TA Liesy Blog
Talon Construction Blog
Taylor Homes Blog
TC Homes Blog
Teton Heritage Builders Blog
The Bozzuto Beat Blog
The Builders Group of West Alabama Blog
The Carver Group Blog
The Corbo Group
The Jones Co. of Tennessee Blog
The Mungo Cos. Blog
The Oaks Development Company Blog
The Orchards Group Blog
The Providence Group Blog*
The Warmington Group Blog
Tiefenthaler Blog
Tilson Home Corp Blog
Toll Brothers Blog
Tom Bozzuto’s Blog
Tom McHaffie Blog
Tom Moore Builder Blog
Topsider Homes Blog
Traton Homes Blog*
Trigon Homes Blog
TriStone Homes Blog
Tuscany Builders Blog
Twin Cities Builder Blog
United-Bilt Homes Blog
Van Metre Cos. Blog
Wade Jurney Homes Blog
Wallmark Homes Blog
Waterleaf Blog
Watermark Builders Blog
Wayne Homes Blog
WCI Communities Blog
Westchester Homes Blog
Westin Homes Blog
Whitestone Builders Blog
Whitestone Homes Blog
Whitmire Custom Homes Blog
Whittle Construction Blog
Wild River Log Homes Blog
William Ryan Homes Blog
Wilson Parker Homes Blog*
Windsong Properties Blog*
Windsor Aughtry Company Blog
Witt Construction Blog
Woodbridge Custom Homes Blog
*Blogs built or managed by Marketing RELEVANCE


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    This is a great resource! Thanks very much for putting it together. Not seeing too many from Texas, but hopefully more are on the way!

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    had a look over a few of these website, thanks for sharing. got a few ideas from them

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